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Contract Pack (tenancy agreement & other useful docs)

Essential information for potential flatmates, housemates, lodgers, landlords and tenants

contract pack
Contract Pack
Tenancy Agreements for:
House / Flat Shares
Rooms / Bedsits
Studio Flats... and more...

Available as immediate pdf download or by post

Protect yourself AND your property with our Contract Pack:

It is always advisable to follow some basic ground rules for your protection. This will also help prevent any misunderstandings or disputes from developing later on. Our Contract Pack is designed to inform and protect both landlord and tenant.

The Agreement included in each Contract Pack (see options below) is a legally binding and easy-to-complete contract. It is a formal record of the rent and deposit paid, notice period required, responsibilities of both landlord and tenant (including late payment of rent; unacceptable behaviour; damage to the property; permission to keep pets; subletting; etc).

Our Contract Pack covers the most common residential letting situations:

Letting rooms (resident landlord): Letting a room in a furnished house or flat, where the landlord/owner is also resident at the property. The letting agreement in this scenario, the House/Flat Share Agreement, is a licence not a lease or tenancy; the lodger (or licensee) cannot claim the same rights as a tenant under an assured tenancy.

Letting rooms or bedsits (non-resident landlord): Letting a room or bedsit where the landlord is not resident at the property. Each room is let to a separate tenant; each tenant has a separate tenancy agreement. This letting agreement contains clauses to cover tenant responsibility for communal/shared areas.

Letting a self-contained residential property, e.g. a whole flat, house or studio: The landlord is not resident at the property. If two or more persons are together the Tenant their obligations to the Landlord shall be joint and several.

NB: Our Contract Pack is not suitable for commercial or agricultural tenancies or holiday lets or residential tenancies in excess of 25,000 per annum.

Available as immediate PDF download to your desktop or printed copy sent by post.

All our documents are regularly reviewed and updated in terms of changing legislation.

**FREE Offer:** Useful Information Guide
Benefit from our years of property letting experience. This Guide includes tips and information on:
Consents Required Before Letting;
Types of References;
Distance Selling Regulations and How They Affect You;
Unfair Tenancy Terms;
Latest Legislation, including Tenancy Deposit Protection (TDP) ...read overview; and Energy Performance Certificates;
Landlord's Rights and Obligations;
Tenant's Rights and Obligations;
Security Deposit;
Household Inventory;
Ending The Tenancy;
Rent a Room Scheme; etc.
Note: This free offer only applies when you purchase a Contract Pack.

Select your Contract Pack from the following options:



* As well as a legally binding agreement each Contract Pack also includes:

  1. Reservation Fee Receipt
  2. Household Inventory
  3. Rent Statement
  4. Standing Order Mandate
  5. Letter Of Guarantee
  6. FREE Offer: Useful Information Guide

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Price of Contract Pack:

  • PDF Download 19.75; or
  • Printed Copy 25.75 (including postage and packing)

Payment by cheque:
Please make your cheque (for 25.75) payable to: RoomAds
Send to: RoomAds, 8 Torrington Gardens, London, N11 2AB
Please include your name, address, and telephone number (in case of a query); and state which Contract Pack you require, thank you.

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